The Santacroce family welcomes you to their newly opened Already owners of two four-star hotels, the Santacroce family has embarked on a new challenge in the field of tourism and accommodation : The Santacroce

It’s set in the heart of the lovely town of Sulmona – right in front of the complex of the SS. Annunziata.

Our new Guest House has been constructed in a historical building which we first hear about in 1757

Its central location allows our guests to walk easily through the streets of the historical centre and have all the main highlights and

attractions close to hand.

Our Guest House has 5 bedrooms, each furnished in a unique and original way, and we are ready to welcome you into its and bright atmosphere.

All our rooms have been completely renovated and the ancient stone stairs and other original details, such as the entrance arch, have been carefully restored.

Staying in our Guest House you can enjoy the beauty of Sulmona: a charming Medieval town, homeland of the Latin poet Ovid, and the traditional production centre of ‘Confetti’ (sugared almonds). You will be immersed in an elegant and exclusive setting of art and history, featuring traditional wooden and stone details, with all the comforts and special treatments that will fully satisfy your needs and

make you feel special…